Desktop Publishing, Spreadsheets, Administrative Tasks, and More

For Busy Professionals, Time is Money

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Are you spending time writing your own letters, tracking your company's sales, or making a resume? Are you creating your own charts and Excel spreadsheets?

You need to be concentrating on your own business and let Your-Own-Secretary relieve you of these administrative and secretarial tasks that can consume so much of your precious working day.

Do You Have Enough Hours in Your Day?

Our administrative specialists provide Services for independent business persons, regional offices of major corporations, entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, real estate professionals, consultants, accountants, sales reps, sales managers, home-based businesses, computer repair persons, the construction industry, and others.

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Your-Own-Secretary is your solution to saving time, cutting overhead, and improving your productivity. There is no need to hire your own personnel, buy your own expensive equipment, pay property taxes on equipment, or pay employee salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits.

Often called virtual assistants, our specialists can scan documents, fax, create newsletters and brochures, make photocopies, take phone messages, create Excel spreadsheets, prepare mass mailings, provide notaries, order flowers ... any task that an administrative assistant would provide. All without the overhead of having to hire and manage an employee.

With Your-Own-Secretary you pay for only the services and/or time you use.

Do You Need a Conference Room for Those Important Meetings?

Many entrepreneurs, salespersons, and small businesses don't have the luxury of a fully-fitted conference room. And sometimes meeting new and existing clients in a public place either isn't adequate, or doesn't project the professionalism that the enterprise deserves.

Your-Own-Secretary now offers their own private conference room. The conference room can comfortably hold six persons, and has all the features required in today's business environment. See our Conference Room webpage for more information.

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